Extract from Joseph E. Cardon's "Only One Mother." (1914)

There's only one mother; she's yours; she's mine,
She's an angel of mercy, sweet and sublime,
She's a savior of men, a heroine divine,
She's your darling mother; she's also mine.

She clings to her own when others have fled,
Who gave them but stones, when she gave them bread;
She cared for them by night and by day,
While others impatient went far away.

NOTE: Cardon's poem can be read to refer to the earthly mother considered as a type as well. However, since he published his poem right after mention Heavenly Father and Mother, and directly after quoting the portion of "O, My Father," which describes Heavenly Mother, and that the poem is about "only one mother," interpreting it to refer to Heavenly Mother seems more than justified.

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