Walter M. Horne's "Male and Female" (1967)

If mortals are made in the Image Divine
Both female and male, the Creator's design,
Then female and male must the Gods also be --
A Mother and Father in Heaven, you see.

A wife for our Father in Heaven! How true
This doctrine appears when we have it in view!
A wife who gave birth to the spirit of man
Before the creation of mortals began.

A Mother in Heaven -- a concept divine!
A woman who mothered your spirit and mine;
Who loved us and taught us for numberless years
And trained us for earth with its pleasures and tears.

And so, when we worship our Father above,
Let's always remember a Mother, whose love
Has nourished us always and guided us, too,
And helped us to keep our ideals in view --

Ideals that thrill us with promises bold
That we can return to the Heavenly fold
And live with our Father and Mother again
As nobly exalted, celestialized men.

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