Joel H. Johnson's "Once Our Father was like Us" (1882)

Once our Father was like us,
In a world of toil and pain;
And in tribulation, thus,
Did his exaltation gain.

In a city paved with gold,
Shining with celestial light,
Him, in love, we did behold,
And rejoiced with great delight.

By the blissful fountains there,
We once knew each parent's face;
We received our Mother's care,
And our Father's love and grace.

Now they've sent us here to school,
In this world of toil and pain,
That we may, like them, by rule,
Endless exaltation gain.

Here, if faithful we remain,
'Till our exit day arrives,
We'll return to them again,
Crowned, like them, with endless lives.

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