John Lyon's "Epistle--Inscribed to S. R." (1853)

Dear sister, though few days have past
Since you and I have met,
I feel our friendship still will last
When Time's last sun is set.

For oh! what can that love destroy
Which dwelt with us of yore,
When in our Father's blest employ
We His bright image bore.

And now, made one by Truth on earth,
We feel the kindling flame
Which gave our spirits former birth,
A parentage, and name;

And will in after worlds resume
A higher glory far,
Where Kings and Priests immortal bloom,
And God's dominions are.

Yes! then we'll see our Father's face,
As formerly we've seen,
And feel a mother's fond embrace,
And know what we have been;

And how our elder brother was
The first-begotten Son,
And kept his Father's Heavenly laws,
And life eternal won!

And how that love which fired his breast,
Shall us inspire the same;
That we like him may gain that rest,
Through whom we have a claim;

That all our kindred spirits may
Return again to God,
Through substitution's thorny way,
Who kept their first abode.

Then let us keep by firm resolve,
The cov'nant we have made;
Nor let temptation ere dissolve
What God in Truth hath said.

Yes, sister, if you steadfast prove,
And be as you have been,
You'll wear a crown in Heaven above,
And reign on earth a queen!

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