Extract from William Gill Mills' "Good and Evil Necessary" (1854)

Sin and death man's nature wasted,
That his joy might be complete:
Had we not the bitter tasted,
Could we value what is sweet?
Toil, and pain, and degradation,
We must pass through here below,
To enjoy the exaltation
That the Gods in glory know.

When we first received a being--
Spirits born of Parents great--
We rejoiced and sung, foreseeing
We should fill this humbler state.
We have learned in yonder glory,
What was necessary there;
But this state's preparatory
For the Gods' exalted sphere.

Jesus gave himself an off'ring,
For our frailness to atone,
But was perfected through suff'ring,
Ere He gained His Father's throne:
And the Gods in glory seated,
Passed through good and evil thus;
For when man was mortal stated
"He is now as one of us."

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