Extracts from Marsha Newman's "Reflections of Eve and Her Daughters" (1981)

From the section about Eve:

The centuries rolled forth
Engulfing me with love and beauty
All my childhood days
While Mother nurtured me,
Teaching me the ways
Of Godhood in embryo.
She gave me from her womanness
A deep wellspring of gentleness,
And a knowledge of my holiness
As her beloved child.

Some years we walked the clouds,
And kicked up firmament
For our play.
She showed me how to twine
My hair with star chips.
When I broke my heart
Over my own childish faults,
She kissed me with her tender lips.
Mother! Oh, Mother mine,
How can I leave you
Even for a few years,
Even for a miniute?
How could my world be beautiful
Without you in it?

* * *

In the warmth of the day
We go walking...
I try not to crush
The flowers,
Abundant at my feet.
Adam sometimes tucks them
In my hair
So I can smell
The soft fragrance there.
I did not know
There would be such beauty
On earth,
Although I should have guessed,
For Mother said
That Eden in the bower
Where she and Father
Oftimes rest.

There is a small like
Snuggled between
Two mighty trees.
It's grassy banks allure me,
And I can see the blue sky
In the still lake's
Quiet face.
Once I looked there,
And saw my mother
Peeking from behind a cloud.
I clutched my heart
In unfamiliar pain,
And cried aloud.

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