William W. Phelps' "A Song of Zion" (1844)

How sweet is the communion
Of saints that fear the Lord,
And strive, in perfect union,
To gain the great reward.
'Tis like the oil on Aaron
Anointing him a priest,
Perfumed with rose from Sharon,
And Cassia from the east.

'Tis like the dew of Hermon,
Where God began to bless,
And promised in his sermon,
Eternal happiness.
'Tis like the precious ointment
That God Almighty had
At Jesus Christ's appointment,
Which made his heart so glad.

'Tis like a little leaven
The woman hid for good,
When she, as queen of heaven,
In gold of Ophir stood.
'Tis like the court of Zion,
Where garments all are white;
Who'll reign like Judah's Lion,
In everlasting light.

Their robes alike in beauty,
Their hearts and faith agree,
They'll ever be on duty
Till all their race is free,
They'll eat the hidden manna,
Receive the precious stone,
And sing the great hosanna
Where God and Christ are one.

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