Extracts from William W. Phelps' "The King Jester's Soliloquy." (1853)

Give me daily food and raiment,
In a Kingdom full of truth,
Grant the Spirit's consolation,
That that graced my "elder youth,"
In the realms of perfect freedom,
Where I scarcely knew "the rod,"
In the "infant school of glory,"--
In thy family, O God!


Call, O call me back to Kolob,
When the resurrection's pass'd!
For I love my Father's garden--
Where the first will be the last:--
Where I promised in my childhood,
To be born,--(the second birth)
So, to try the gift of passion,
On a mission to the earth.

O that infant-spirit wisdom,
Which my Father gave to me,
In his mansion with my mother,
As I sat upon her knee!--
Sacred records kept in "Teman,"
Till the flesh has conquered sin,--
By the Priesthood, faith and virtue,
Then I'll know them all again!

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