Extract from Lula L. Greene Richards' "A Thread of Thought." (1892)

My thoughts flew back like a shuttle,
To our first known record of time;
And looping that time with the present,
I have woven them into rhyme.

When the Morning Stars together
Sang out their joyous praise,
And the new, bright Sun, in splendor,
Sent forth its cheering rays;
Dispelling the night's cool vapors,
And chasing the clouds away;
That the evening and the morning,
Might complete the grand First Day.

We were there, with God, our Father,
And voted "Thy will be done,"
And our Mother, Queen in Heaven,
Smiled on us every one,
Smiled on each Eve, each Sarah,
Rachel, Rebecca and Ruth,
Elizabeth, Mary and Martha,
Each daughter that stood for truth.

We were all ALL there, my sisters;
And we loved each other well;
And doubtless selected classmates,
With whom upon earth to dwell.
And our Father marked the course
For each and we all accepted,
Nothing was done by force.

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