Lula L. Greene Richards' "Rest and Progression" (1903)

The struggle is ended, the labor is done,
The battle is over, the victory won.
As fierce was the conflict, so sweet is the peace
Which comes to the wrestler, as life's troubles cease
Sleep on — sleep on — take now thy rest.
Well earned, among the faithful blest.

All this to the mortal, laid quietly down ;
The spirit in heaven, receives a bright crown;
A halo of glory, through righteousness shed
Around the immortal, here, mourned for as dead.
Work on — work on — and still progress.
Freed now from pain and weariness.

What knowledge, what mem'ries, forgotten at birth —
(First union of spirit and body on earth — )
Awake, as the spirit to Heaven ascends.
Meets Father and Mother, dear kindred and friends.
Love, truth and pure intelligence ;
The glory of Omnipotence!

In humiliation the Savior laid by His judgment;
His mission to suffer and die;
The will of the Father to learn and obey ;
And man can but follow as He leads the way.
On — to perfection — glory rife —
"The Resurrection and the Life."

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