Extracts from Emily B. Spencer's "The Secret of the How and Why" (1880)

I will unriddle the how, and the why,
Why we are born, and why we die,
Why you are you, and I, am I,
What the life is, where the soul doth lie.

Far in the past in ages untold,
In mansions celestial as spirits we lived,
Our Father, so faithful, a God was enrolled,
Our Mother, in Heaven sat there by His side,
In that place of sweet joy, and heavenly peace,
Spirits were born, 'till they filled the whole place.

As spirits, we battled for Father and right,
When Lucifer rose in his wrath and his might,
And a third of the children chose darkness than light;
And they went with the Prince that delighted in wrong,
And designed that our Father he soon would dethrone;
But was conquered by right, and cast out of heaven
To the fallen no bodies on earth could be given.

We are children of a sun; in that bright orb,
We had our first existence--in a home
Of love, and kindness, and eternal joy;
We knew no sorrow, sin could not annoy,
But perfect bliss was round our Father's throne,
We knew not evil in that blessed home,
Where Father, Mother, watched our progress through
The ages, ere the earth formation knew.

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