Extracts from John Taylor's "The Origin and Destiny of Woman" (1857)

Lady --whence comest thou? Thine origin?
What art thou doing here?
Whither art thou going, and what is thy destiny?
Declare unto me if thou hast understanding?
Knowest thou not, that thou art a spark of Deity,
struck from the fire of His eternal blaze,
and brough forth in the midst of eternal burnings?

Knowest thou not that eternities ago, thy spirit,
pure and holy, dwelt in thy Heavenly Father's bosom,
and in His presence, with thy mother,
one of the queens of heaven,thou wert surrounded
by thy brother and sisters spirits
in the spirit world, among the Gods?
That as thy spirit beheld the scenes transpiring there,
and thou grew in intelligence,
thou sawest world upon worlds
organized and peopled with thy kindred spirits,
take upon them tabernacles, die, resurrect,
and receive their exaltation
on the redeemed worlds they once dwelt upon.
Thou, being willing and anxious to imitate them,
waiting and desirous to obtain a body,
a resurrection and exaltation also,
and having obtained permission,
thou made a covenant with one of thy kindred spirits
to be thy guardian angel while in mortality.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thou longed, thou sighed, and prayed
to thy Father in heaven for the time
when thou couldst come to this earth,
which had fled and fallen from where
it was first organized, near the planet Kolob.
Leave thy father and mother's bosoms
and all thy kindred spirits,
come to earth, take a tabernacle,
and imitate the deeds of those
you had seen exalted before you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thy spirit, filled with joy and thanksgiving,
rejoiced in thy Father,
and rendered praise to his holy name,
and the spirit world resounded in anthems
of praise and rejoicing to the Father of spirits.
Thou bade father, mother, and all farewell,
and along with thy guardian angel,
thou came on this terraqueous globe.

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