"The River You Always Knew" - Melody Newey

She comes unbidden tonight,
while fireflies light the garden,
bleeding hearts glow, crickets
sing your unborn child to sleep.
She moves amid trees,
grows roots beneath hearth,
warms your bed with moonbeams.
She is wisdom in your dreams.

She summons errant sons,
unbinds her daughters’ tongues,
welcomes the prodigal home.
She sets a table for the feast of
His coming; builds fire, burns chaff,
grinds grain to fine flour.

She mends the day–sews dawn to dusk,
midnight to the falling stars.
She is the river you always knew,
the fountain from which you drink;
a whisper at the kitchen sink when,
outside, around the corner,
your child falls and skins his knee.

She is the lullaby you hum, the song
you sing because your mother knew it.
She is your voice bearing witness
on a certain Sabbath and, just now,
as sunlight crests the mountain,
She is your face in the mirror.

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