"Mother Has a Degree in Exterior Design" - Dayna Patterson

See how she offsets the Prussian blue of the bay
by its opposite on the color wheel,
the splendid burnt orange of a just-so sunset

And see how that lemon wedge of sun
draws the eye,
makes the colors pop

And over here—see how she’s hung drops of dew
like a little string of holiday lights
on a spider’s web

And see how the spider’s pendulous body
droops like a gold earring
on the web’s lobe

She’s not afraid to use
every shade of green:
forest, shamrock, olive, jungle

She adores red:
hoodoos she hordes like knickknacks
in the cupboard of a Utah desert

Look up—see how she mixes and matches
edgy patterns of birds that verge on chaotic
with classic clouds and bolts of blue

And look how she arranges
all those migrants into Sanskrit
to make a prayer wheel of the sky

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