"A Mother's Comfort" - Taylor Rouanzion

A dear friend writes to me of the pain of a child gone too soon—
Not even arrived enough to be gone—
Of the feeling of something slipping through your fingers
Now matter how hard you grasp it,
Of joy turned to sorrow turned to hope turned to ash,
And it flees on the wind at will with the wisdom you thought you had.
A mother's pain
Needs a Mother's comfort.

A sister cries over the phone about the disparity
Between the life she imagined and the one in front of her.
“I never knew it would be this hard,” she says.
Three small mouths, making heard small voices that
Need need need.
Be careful what you wish for, be grateful for what you have—no,
A mother's pain
Needs a Mother's comfort.

A desperate friend searches the wide world
For something she was promised if only she would obey,
And obey she has, and yet
That promise sits unfulfilled in some other girl,
Some other bed, some other life,
And she's left to hope that somewhere some girl
Will slip up,
Forget to obey,
And want to make it right.
A mother's pain
Needs a Mother's comfort.

A grandmother looks at her children grown
And feels she's failed them—
Look how hard their lives are!
How much pain could I have prevented?
How much did I cause?
How sad not to have your regrets at the beginning
When you still have the chance to change.
A mother's pain
Needs a Mother's comfort.

In a dimly lit room in the dead of night
Where I rock and I rock and I rock,
I see his sweet face and feel his sweet tongue—
And I'm stopped by a love so deep and a pain so sharp
To know that these nights will pass
And, for us, there will be no more sweet faces.

I cry out without sound to Him I've been told is there,
But my soul yearns for something more.
He knows my pain, yes,
But so does She. And
A mother's pain
Needs a Mother's comfort.

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