"Small Gifts" - Tara Timpson

Is your name hidden in the color of vermillion sandstone in this canyon
Is your voice in the trill of Canyon Wren or the call of Gambel Quail
Is your touch the silk of cottontail fur and soft desert breeze
Is your scent the delicious mixture of Sage, Pinion and Juniper

Are you whispering a greeting like that of my bay gelding–a low soft nicker.
Is your love like the liquid brown of my dog’s eyes as she gazes at me
from her comfort spot in the sun and thumps her tail
Is your light the scattered beauty of spring sun filtered through new
green leaves of a cottonwood tree

Do you sit by me on this solitary ledge–are your fingers the soft
brushing of Ponderosa needles on my hair and scalp
Did you offer me this display of clouds and sunrise so spectacular that
tears stream spontaneously from my eyes
Did you show me the curious red fox hunting gophers in my yard
Did you give me the glimpse of the greybrown linx as I came early to
the pasture

Is your heart so big and wide, its chambers so miraculous and well
muscled that it can contain love and compassion big enough to surpass
all the human, animal and plant suffering that weighs on me
Will you sanctify my search for you with these continued small gifts
I will keep all these things in my heart and remember them

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